Dawie De Villiers and the 500k per day initiative

Dawie 2

By: Jemma Pringle.

In 2021, Dawie De Villiers founded the 500k per day initiative, which is supported by commercial partners and global foundations, creating a sustainable funding model and making a real difference.

“Through my network, I was introduced to a non-profit company called ‘Outside the Bowl Africa.’ The founder, Mark Maingard, had a dream to feed 500 000 children by the year 2025, and when I saw their wonderful highly nutritious product Vitakidz, I was hooked,” said De Villiers.

This in turn led to ‘Outside the Bowl Africa’ becoming the food manufacturer of this initiative. Their unique production facilities and integrated distribution model are a result of many years of research, development and delivery to social purpose organisations aiding communities that need the support the most.

Many partners have jumped on board with one of the biggest companies being Earthly Toothpaste.
“Earthly Toothpaste is donating a meal to the 500kperday initiative with every Earthly Toothpaste product sold, and also gifting two toothpaste tablets so that not only can a child go to bed with a full tummy, but a clean mouth as well. I don’t believe that there is anything more important than giving a child the correct nutrition in the early years of his/her life. How do we expect our kids to grow, go to school and function without the right nutrition?”

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De Villiers would love to see South African companies joining hands and assisting with this growing initiative. “Companies can go to 500kperday.com or email me at dawie@500kperday.com. The public can also go to the website and donate, or they can simply switch to Earthly Toothpaste and automatically feed a child.”

Now on every social media channel, this initiative is growing by the day, feeding a variety of children all over the world.

Check out their Facebook and Instagram now or check out their website.