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5 things to remember about your dress-code when MC-ing an event

15 July 2022

The Master of Ceremony sounds fancier than an emcee, right? Although everyone develops their own sense of style over time, there are just some rules that must be followed when it comes to being the Master of Ceremonies – no matter if you’re emceeing a wedding, a 21st or even a corporate event, follow these rules and you will be the best dressed person in the room:


Especially if this is your first time emceeing an event, do your research. Take into consideration your age, body type, body weight and Google a couple of celebrity look-a-likes of yours that you can match up too – many of them walk the red carpet and look formally fantastic – not to say you must wear a steak like Lady Gaga. Unless you wanted too! Maybe just not as an emcee.

Image consultant

These kinds of people do exist you know. If you really feel that you just cannot plan your outfits properly for the kinds of events you are emceeing, contact an image consultant. However, this isn’t the only thing they work on with you, they may work to improve your communication skills and interpersonal skills as well.

The theme

This is a very important factor to consider asking about in your emcee briefing. What are the colour schemes and themes, this will make choosing your outfit a lot easier because if the event you are attending has gone with a navy and white pallet, consider a navy suit with a white tie – or the other way around if you’re feeling boisterous!


Of course, you can go dressed as Ironman for a Marvel themed birthday party! Maybe not to a wedding but considering the theme of the event you have been asked to MC, you can coordinate your costume around it as well, just like the guests. Obviously make sure with the people who hired you first, but unless it’s a wedding or corporate event, you should be good to go!

Comfortable SHOES!

As an emcee, you will be on your feet most of the night. Announcing the entrée’s, cracking a joke between speeches and maybe even running some interference while the bride and groom have a quick squabble over why she was late. Either way, your little pigs are going to ache if you don’t make a good decision when deciding what to wear on your feet.

An emcee must have a loud, boisterous voice – but even an introvert can be an emcee, if your script is down, the only other thing you will have to remember is practice makes perfect. Mic Drop Media know what it takes to put together a great product such as radio ads and audiobooks. Plus, we have plenty of voices, accents and languages to choose from. Email for your quote now or keep scrolling through our website.