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By: Jemma Pringle

Up and coming singer Monique Roche Butta (28), a South African-born artist is back in her hometown after being overseas and has released a second original song which she says is very different from anything she has ever done before. Singers normally write lyrics first, before moving on to the track, if I am not mistaken. So, for Monique, this was a new venture.

“I usually write lyrics first and do the music after that, but when I was presented with this amazing backtrack, I wrote lyrics specifically pertaining to the music I was provided and thus we came up with ‘Wonderland’ my most exciting venture yet.”

Monique released her first original song in 2021, called ‘Forever Mine’ which she explained to me back then, to be a modern twist on a song about true love. The song was released on 42 mainstream platforms. Her new song, however, is taking South Africa by storm with over 5000 streams already since its release date.

‘Wonderland’, has a nice ring to it but we wanted to know more, what did this song mean to Monique, the words behind it, and how did she get to this incredible final product.

“We have all met that one person who is just a complete mystery. They let you in, but not enough to know what is going on in their mind. Well, this is a song that hopefully anyone can relate to.”

So in other words, the song in itself is meant to be a mystery, just like the mind that inspired it. 

“I wrote this story of a mysterious mind. I had then kind of set aside this idea as it wasn’t really speaking to me at this time, and I just couldn’t get into it.”

Arriving back in South Africa, she was handed a backtrack when the same idea of the “mysterious mind” came back, only as lyrics. “The lyrics just started flowing so naturally with the music. How they fit the musical elements were like a perfectly formed puzzle.”

With “Wonderland” officially being released on April 30, 2022, Monique’s schedule has taken an uphill, and nothing but excitement can be seen and heard in her voice as she began to explain her next steps forward.

“I am working on some new original music which I would love to release within this year. Each song will be different from the next. I am also working on music video ideas for my two original songs which are already out. (Deep Breath) I am also working on some collaborations with other artists, with some modeling projects lined up as well,” she chuckled.
Covers on YouTube, in her spare time, is another thing we can add to the list. One thing people within the media industry believe in is having a passion for what you do, Monique has loved singing from day one, and with a “never give up attitude” who is going to stop her?

“Singing is what brings out the most joy and happiness in me, and it has been this way all my life. The peace and excitement that it brings me while I am singing live or doing videos by myself, it just makes me feel so fulfilled. This is what I was born to do, and I just love the feeling I get from the love and support from the people who listen to my music. It’s a priceless feeling.”

On days when this avid singer is not devoting all her time to vocals, vocals, vocals, she is almost always song-writing. “I always have new ideas in my head, and I love playing piano/keyboard.” As one can see, Monique’s passion lies within her singing and song-writing, but in her off time, which is definitely needed with such a busy schedule, Monique enjoys hiking, cooking, traveling, and of course relaxing with a bowl of pop-corn and a good movie.

But her new song, is the buzz right now, not only for her fans but also for herself.

“The feedback and support so far has been incredible. Without the support and love of my fans, this would all mean nothing. So, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being a part of this musical mystery magical journey I am leading. I am so grateful to my family, friends, and loved ones. Everyone that has been a part of the whole journey with “Wonderland” and supported it so much. The talented people behind the making of the track and the few people that have had my back no matter what. I was blessed to have been able to create this masterpiece with some very talented people within this industry.”

Take a listen to Monique’s original songs here now – @Monique_Roche | Linktree and she would love it if you followed her on her social media platforms:


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