Is becoming a freelancer for you?

Being a freelancer

Many people out there are tired working for a boss. Why? Because a boss is basically in charge of your life, the choices you make and the personal problems in your life.

So if it’s time to make a change and you want control over your own life, why not freelance.
If you’re reading this article then maybe you have decided it’s the right decision for you.

You’re embarking on a new adventure where you’ll be able to make your own decisions about what you work on, when you work, and where you work from.

So let’s start with three steps to enable you to begin this new founded journey:

1) Making the plan:
If you’re on the fence, here are the first three steps to take in making your freelance plan.

• Decide if you’re cut out for freelancing: Not everyone has the self-motivation, discipline, and resilience needed to be their own boss.

• Choose a job: It’s time to consider what’s the perfect job for you to do out on your own.

• Get the skills: The easiest way to go freelance is to choose a job that uses the skills you already have. But if that’s not possible for you, you’ll need to be willing to upskill. Here are a few places you can start to gain the skills you need.

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2) Quitting your job
For many, the scariest part about deciding to go freelance is the fact that you have to leave your stable, familiar job. Not quite ready to give up that level of certainty?
Maybe you want to get started with a side hustle. This can be a good way to test how easy it is for you to find work, how good you are at self-motivating, and how much you’d enjoy doing that kind of thing day in, day out.

If you’re certain you’re ready to commit to the lifestyle, these articles can provide the inspiration you need to give you a push:

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3) Finding work
Once you know what kind of work you’re looking for, there are plenty of ways to find freelance work.
These three articles provide tips on how to go about your job search, with hacks and suggestions of what you can be doing to make finding freelance work easier.

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As remote work becomes increasingly popular, there are more and more websites popping up that allow businesses to access talent from anywhere. From gig-based sites like Fiverr to more traditional job search engines that have ‘remote only’ options, there’s an incredible number of opportunities to discover.

So if this is your new livelihood, we wish you luck and hope the above has made your life just that much easier.