Arine Barnard pays tribute to her late father with her new song

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Breathe is about how we inhale the memories of people who have been torn from our lives, whether by death or other circumstances, and use them to move on; as well as how those memories sometimes make it difficult for us to breathe,” says Sharine Barnard about her latest single.

This beautiful tribute (released on Fathers’ Day) to her late father, produced by 2 Tone Records, was written by the artist herself and combines elements of pop and classical music.

“My father passed away in 2017 after a short battle with brain and lung cancer. Nothing can ever prepare you for the death of a loved one or the battle against cancer. I wrote BREATHE last year, exactly four years after his death, when I was overcome with sadness. I couldn’t stop missing him, because the memories never fade,” she shares. “The song symbolizes the injustice of life and how dreams are destroyed, and everything just goes on, because even though people are no longer with us, the water still flows. Fortunately, we always have our memories. It stays and we breathe it in. It also encourages me to appreciate and breathe-in every moment with those I love, because their breath is only lent to us.”

Sharine believes that the song will appeal to everyone who has ever lost someone they loved. She also hopes that it will comfort listeners when they are sad.

The music video of the song, of which the piano scenes were shot on location by Johan Pretorius in the M.L. Spies Hall at Hoër Meisieskool Oranje, is a heartfelt production in which she immortalizes the memories of her father.

“I chose to use a combination of photo and video images of my father, as well as shots of myself in front of the piano. My father always enjoyed listening when I sang or played the piano as a little girl. He was very proud of me and loved listening to music,” she explains. “The song is about him and how his memories are ingrained in my heart. Everyone loved him and I would like those who miss him to watch the video and experience Hannes Liebenberg again.”

Watch the video here!

BREATHE is the singer-songwriter and animal lover’s sixth single and follows in the footsteps of hits like Pray and Killer, which were very well received.

Sharine was born and raised in Jan Kempdorp, where she spent a carefree childhood. Although she has always loved music, it has not been the core focus of her life – she has spent the past 20 years raising children, creating a safe haven for lions and building various businesses. This changed during lockdown when the mother of four finally had time to sit down and take stock. She started writing about life and love, and soon there was no stopping her.

In addition to her love for music, Sharine, who is the co-owner of Bagamoya Wildlife Estate, is passionate about animals. She is also extremely enthusiastic about sport and health and is co-owner of an Ozone Therapy clinic, Ozone Clinic, that helps people be healthier. On weekends she works as chef in her own restaurant.

 BREATHE is a special song that will definitely speak to the hearts of those who listen to it and will surely, like the person it is about, have a lasting impression on her fans.

“We have to take time to cherish the memories of those who are no longer with us. They were part of our lives and helped shape the people we are today. That is why their lives should be celebrated. The missing never stops, but luckily the beautiful memories remain. It is especially challenging not to have them around on Father’s or Mother’s Day and that is why I am dedicating the song to him. To celebrate and remember him on Father’s Day,” she concludes.

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