Corporate Blogs
Corporate Blogs:
We provide full or shared control over your corporate blogs providing content etc. for an organization, corporation and or NPO’s, to reach its desired goals.
External blogs, but what is it?
An external blog is a publicly available weblog where company employees, teams, or spokespersons share their views.
It is often used to announce new products and services (or the end of old products), to explain and clarify policies, or to react to public criticism on certain issues.
It also allows a window to the company culture and is often treated more informally than traditional press releases, though a corporate blog often tries to accomplish similar goals as press releases do. In some corporate blogs, all posts go through a review before they are posted. Some corporate blogs, but not all, allow comments to be made to the posts.
This is where we come in:
Every corporation must in some way market right? Whether that be a service or product.
Why not start a corporate blog? And let us run it! Or if you already have one, let us share some ideas with you.
• We will identify your specifications and help to find product evangelists or influencers among the audience of an external blog. Once we find them, we ask them for feedback on exclusive previews, product testing, marketing plans, customer services audits, etc.
• We can provide additional value by adding a level of credibility that is often unattainable from a standard corporate site.
The informality and increased timeliness of information posted to blogs assists with increasing transparency and accessibility in the corporate image.
Business blogs can interact with a target market on a more personal level while building link credibility that can ultimately be tied back to the corporate site.
Our process is simple:
• Send us an email telling us why you want to start a corporate blog or why you need help with your existing one so that we can identify how much help is required for costing.
• Have a 15 min to 30 min Zoom meeting with us explaining exactly what you require so we can better understand, and assist you, to your exact specifications.
Don’t forget to let us know if your requirement will be a once off, monthly or yearly subscription with us, as the more you use us the better your chances are of discounted prices.
Your quotation will be sent to you within 1-2 business days after the Zoom call has been held.
We’re excited to be part of your next journey, speak to us personally and we’ll try our best to really understand your vision, so that we can best execute it.