Corporate Video
Corporate Video can come in many shapes and sizes. From marketing material, company profiles, internal explainers, product breakdowns – we understand that there are a vast number of requests, when it comes to corporate video. For that reason – we have co
Mic Drop Media boast an excellent network of professionals, all involved in creating such a variety of videos. From 2D slide-based videos, to custom animation and motion-graphics. We are a turnkey solution, offering most to all forms of video service. We do on-site filming, anywhere in the country, we’re also equipped with amazing green-screen technology.
What’s video without voice, right? Our agency boasts a selection of voices available in all of South Africa’s 11 official languages. These professionals are eager to voice your video, adding personality and a captivating factor to each project.
The process is simple:
• We’ll need a brief of what your requirements are, so that we can understand in which of the many spheres of video, you need help with.
• Once we’ve consulted with our team, we’ll set up a pre-production consultation, so that everyone involved has a full spectrum idea of exactly what the vision is.
• We’ll get right to work scheduling shoots, booking production and/or starting with custom animation.
• Once the product is close to finished, you will be contacted to give a final approval, or request any changes.
We like to keep things simple, click the quote button and a Mic Drop representative will contact you.
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