Feature Writing
Feature Writing: A feature story, as contrasted with straight news reporting, normally presents newsworthy events and information through a narrative story, complete with a plot and story characters although it differs from a short story primarily in that the content is not fictional. Like literature, the feature story relies upon creativity and subjectivity to make an emotional connection with the readers and may highlight some universal aspect of human nature. This is where we come in with the most popular forms of featured writing that we offer: • Articles with a splash, describing a scene and adding a hint of light • Interviews and profiles • How-To • Fact box / Chronology • Backgrounder / A history of • Full texts: Extracts from books or transcripts of interviews. • My testimony: a first-person report of some kind. • Analysis: an examination of the reasons behind an event. • Vox pop / Expert roundup: a selection of views from members of the public or experts. • Opinion poll • Reviews Our process is pretty simple: • Send us an email with a short explanation on what type of content you are looking for us to do. • Let us know how many words your content should be because this will influence the price. • Let us know if you require imagery as an extra as we do supply stock photos or personally requested photos. • Have a 15 min to 30 min Zoom meeting with us explaining exactly what you require so we can better understand, and assist you, to your exact specifications. Don’t forget to let us know if your requirement will be a once off, monthly or yearly subscription with us, as the more you use us the better your chances are of discounted prices. Your quotation will be sent to you within 1-2 business days after the Zoom call has been held. We’re excited to be part of your next journey, speak to us personally and we’ll try our best to really understand your vision, so that we can best execute it.