Speech Writing
Speech Writing: What does a speech writer do exactly? Glad you asked. We are hired to prepare and write speeches that will be delivered by another person and take absolutely no credit for it, it’s that simple. We can also be employed to write for weddings and other social occasions. But let’s break it down slightly; we: • work directly with senior executives, leaders or anyone who may be requiring these services, to determine what points, themes, positions, or messages one would like to cover. • can accept criticism and comments on the different drafts of the speech that we send to said one and be able to incorporate the proposed changes into the draft. • do not expect to be officially credited or acknowledged on any speeches we may assist one with. As with many other writing occupations, most of our speechwriters do not have specific degree training, in their writing craft. Instead, our speechwriters have developed their speech writing skills by combining a general liberal arts education (e.g., in political science, philosophy, or English literature) with a variety of work experience in politics, public administration, journalism, or a related field. We offer any kind of speech writing, all we need is to know what you require. Our process is simple: • Send us an email with a short explanation on what type of content you are looking for us to do. • Let us know how many words your content should be because this will influence the price. • Have a 15 min to 30 min Zoom meeting with us explaining exactly what you require so we can better understand, and assist you, to your exact specifications. Don’t forget to let us know if your requirement will be a once off, monthly or yearly subscription with us, as the more you use us the better your chances are of discounted prices. Your quotation will be sent to you within 1-2 business days after the Zoom call has been held. We’re excited to be part of your next journey, speak to us personally and we’ll try our best to really understand your vision, so that we can best execute it.